IT Consulting

Fusing IT and Business Aspirations into a Unified Strategy.

Unveiling Additional Business Value through Advanced IT Consulting Services

Revitalizing your digital frameworks, we, as a leading IT consulting service provider, decipher the challenges you encounter and devise optimal strategies to confront your pain points head-on. Our approach draws on years of experience and encompassing expertise, all under one roof.


Information Technology Consultancy

We guide you through the digitalization of core technologies, encompassing ideation, conceptualization, architectural design, and implementation. Our constant consulting support ensures maximized ROI. Our comprehensive range of technologies covered in our IT consulting services includes ERP, CRM, AI and ML, BI, Data Science, and more.

Risk Evaluation and Compliance

Our integrated governance, risk, and compliance services safeguard and elevate your data's security and adherence to regulations, whether on-premises or on the cloud. We operationalize cybersecurity to assure compliance, reliability, and trustworthiness, contributing to your error-free business transformation.

Process Enhancement and Cost Optimization

Our dedicated IT consultants collaborate with your team to define streamlined technology processes that optimize your business. Additionally, our top-notch IT consulting experts provide invaluable insights into industry-specific budgets.

Guidance in Project Management

As an IT consulting firm, we nurture a culture of collaboration and innovation by harmonizing technology and human resources, thereby enhancing program and project management capabilities. Our sustainable approach ensures successful project execution tailored to diverse industry requirements.

Revitalizing Core Technology

We usher transformative outcomes for your business by identifying capabilities and augmenting productivity, thereby reimagining your digital architecture. Our IT consulting firm integrates essential IT components, encompassing ERP, mobile, and analytics, thus modernizing your company's core digital infrastructure.

Architectural Soundness and Security

In today’s intricate digital landscape, technology empowers organizations with agility while mitigating security risks. As applications become increasingly interconnected, our IT management consulting company collaborates closely with you to craft a resilient architecture. Moreover, our team proactively oversees IT security across the extended business ecosystem as part of our IT strategy services.

Why Align with Appinventors?

As a premier IT consulting service provider, Appinventors boasts a young, dynamic workforce that delivers value to your business through innovation and resourcefulness.


Veteran Experts

With a dedicated ensemble of IT consultants and project managers, we ensure optimal value in your engagement with us, nurturing enduring partnerships as evidenced by our 95% client retention rate.

Attentiveness to Every Detail

Our engineers and project managers meticulously address even the minutest requirements, concocting solutions that adeptly address your pain points.

Elevating Transparency

Rooted in an ethos of openness, we collaborate closely with our clients, keeping them informed about developments, concepts, and strategies.

Incorporating Agile Methodology into Our IT Consultancy Services

Internationally recognized for robust IT consulting services, we understand how to infuse your business processes with the digital transformation they demand. Armed with a highly adept team of 1,200+ agile developers, we've devised a four-step approach that delivers maximum benefits within minimal time.


Assessing the Present State of IT Resilience

Revitalizing your digital frameworks, we, as a leading IT consulting service provider, decipher the challenges you encounter and devise optimal strategies to confront your pain points head-on. Our approach draws on years of experience and encompassing expertise, all under one roof.

Harmonizing IT with Business Goals

The subsequent phase involves aligning technology with your business objectives. We document our findings and meticulously map everything within project management tools.

Development and Implementation

During this stage, we develop requisite tools and software APIs, constructing a seamless platform that amalgamates your existing capabilities into your organization's future endeavours.

Sustaining and Assisting

Upon solution implementation, we persistently seek avenues to enhance core technology through continuous framework improvements, ultimately boosting your business's effectiveness and agility.

Frequently Asked Questions

IT consulting services provide guidance to help clients evaluate various technology strategies. These services ensure that a client’s technology approach is in harmony with their business or operational strategies.

An IT Consultant is a skilled professional who assists businesses in developing, implementing, and optimizing their IT systems. They offer strategic guidance, solve technical problems, and provide specialized knowledge in domains like hardware, software, networking, and project management.

Hiring an IT consultant can enhance your operational efficiency through the deployment of optimal solutions, and it can also prevent your employees from leaving for neighboring companies that provide opportunities more aligned with their professional interests.

The key distinction could rest in how each understands the services their provider offers. An IT consultant is compensated to identify the most suitable solution for the client, whereas an IT service provider delivers a solution based on their own expertise and capabilities.

An IT consultant charges between $15 to $30 per hour. Small tech consulting companies with less than 40 employees charge up to $50 per hour. Medium-sized consulting companies charge up to $80 per hour or more. Large IT consulting companies with over 1,000 employees charge an average of $150 per hour.